It’s a Man’s World

“It’s a Man’s World”

It’s a man’s world…because you say “men should quit childish behavior and be a provider”…


It’s a man’s world…because “if the guy is good looking he has to be a bad person”…


It’s a man’s world…because” all men drink” and those who don’t have to “man up”


It’s a man’s world…because it’s not discrimination when you say “I want a wealthy husband”


It’s a man’s world…because “it’s not ok to hit a woman back”, but if you are beaten by one – you are a “pathetic excuse of a man”…


It’s a man’s world…because “men don’t cry”” and show emotions – they just die early


It’s a man’s world…because “men only want one thing” and if they don’t – something is wrong with them


It’s a man’s world…because you want to feel special but think “All men are the same”.


It’s not a man’s world. It’s not a female’s world either. We equally judge and label each other, where the truth is – it’s OUR world to share, to embrace each other’s’ differences, to complete each other. It’s ours to share equal rights with no one in charge, but both hand in hand.
It’s easy to judge each other when you can’t ever experience the other side.
It’s our world now…because it won’t last forever…

Text, concept and photography – Victoria Krundysheva photography

Instagram: @victoriakrundysheva


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