What do you see when you look inside the mirror? When it’s just you to judge?
Do you see what they think you are?
Do you see what they think you should be?
Do you see what you are told to see?
Or do you see you?


You who doesn’t feel that you are ready for something.


You who has been someone else all along.



You who may not like what they like.


You who shouldn’t want what everybody tells you should want.


What do you hear?
Is it their voices defining who you are?
They will only see what is on the outside.

Don’t let them define you. Don’t be the shell they see.
Don’t let anyone tell what you can or can’t dream, do, choose, be.

Our body, our mind, even our dreams do not belong to us anymore. They seem to be bearing a stamp of opinions around us.
Whether we have a disability or not, we keep feeling emotionally disabled.
We supress our true selves in order to fit in the narrow frames learnt since childhood and our real desires and true selves are trapped on the other side of the mirror.
We are made to feel that we are wrong, weird, abnormal if we do not resemble most of the people, do not have the same aspirations, want to choose what anyone hardly thinks about.

Nobody should tell you what you can or can’t eat, who you can love, how you should look, what you should do or what you should dream. Your reflection, your soul and body belong to you.

Break the mirror and let your true self come out in all its glory, in all its individuality, in all that is you. Because in the end of your life, like in the end of a day it’s your reflection you will want to see, not theirs.

Text, concept and photography – Victoria Krundysheva photography

Instagram: @victoriakrundysheva


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