Nature Demolition – a concept ecological photo project

We as humanity tend to ignore dangers on the horizon and only focus on immediate threats. But in case of eco-crisis, the trap is – it has always been an immediate threat. The air we breath, water we drink, flora and fauna around us are dying every day and we keep happily contributing to it or just closing our eyes on what is happening.

As an artist with psychological background, I know that our ignorance is a defence mechanism and to reach people’s concious sometimes you need alternate ways than simoky making them face facts. You need to cater to those parts of them that are more open to convincing. And that is why, I feel creative photograpy has a big say in the matter and it is personal responsibility of artist to use all creative tools at their disposal to try and reach minds and hearts around them.

So, please see below my way of envisioning ecological problems, such as water pollution, animal extinction, air pollution and deforestation:

“Who killed her?”

When sea becomes a graveyard, washing its sorrow on the shore…you know who did it…

When their families are slaughtered for what is called “beauty”…you know who did it…

When the real beauty burns in flames leaving only ashes under your feet…you know who did it…

When sky falls on your head to suffocate…you know who did it…

When it’s the past…ask what future is…it’s you left alone to face what you did…

Concept, text and photography- Victoria Krundysheva photography
Styling- Victoria Krundysheva
Apparels design- Pryka
Head piece design – Victoria Krundysheva


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