10 Reasons why India is the best place for Creative Photography

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As a fine art photographer (or any kind of photographer for that matter), your search for inspiration never ends. You skin is so thin that every breeze leaves a mark and your mind so hungry that every thought starts a feast.

And in this constant search, the place you are at, can become a biggest pool of ideas.

For me, India is such place and I have 10 reasons why every photographer should visit India once.

  1. The frames – India’s architecture

From grand forts to charming havelis to small streets that breathe history – India has it all to send you on a journey of inspiration through exploration

IMG_20140306_195533   IMG_20160512_083841.jpg

  1. The idea – India’s spirituality

Inspiration and ideas, though triggered by outside are born inside – it blooms like a flower when our thoughts and spirit find good soil.


  1. The message – India’s challenge

Not everything is beauty around. And photography exists to depict all aspects of world – inner and outer world. Sometimes the most painful struggles shown through pictures can help dragging people’s attention to those in need of help, even if it’s us ourselves.

India will show you all you want to explore through the everyday struggles you get to observe and through everyday challenges you throw on yourself.


  1. The depth – India’s diversity

Yin and yang, happiness and sadness, beauty and ugliness. And both of them within each other – you can be sure to see the true diversity of life here.


  1. The setting – India’s landscape

You haven’t been inspired if you have never visited mighty wise Himalayas. Or had your breath been stolen away by clouds passing over tea plantations of Munnar. Any magical scenery you can imagine – India has it all.

6.jpg   13103298_1225378420805988_8350320824997671845_n.jpg

  1. The story – India’s history

Walking amidst the ruins of ancient civilizations is indeed a photographer’s abode.


  1. The feeling – India’s Sun

A very special Indian sun – which will burn you if you fight it, but will show you tenderness if you let it in.


  1. The feeling – India’s Rain

Have you heard of monsoon season in India? The one that’s called the most romantic time of the year. Time of artists and poets. Time of love affairs.


  1. The context – Indian culture

No, not the one that promotes male dominance and suppression of self. But the one that welcomes you as a guest, loves you as equal and unveils like kaleidoscope of colors in front of you.


  1. The people

For me personally, faces have been fascinating throughout my journey as a photographer. And if it is for you too – then India with its gorgeous glorious faces – is the right choice.




One Comment Add yours

  1. Dipak Mahato says:

    Hi Victoria,

    I really like your thinking about Indian goddess and compare with Indian girls. I respect you very much. I am also want to change mentality of Indian people about girls. We respect our mother, grand mother, sister. But we can’t respect others girls (i;e wife, girl friends,etc) so much. our parents always teach us worship to goddess, she has unlimited power of universe.

    But at the end we differentiate boys and girls. I also observed that there are so many cases our surrounding.

    i think we can change the ideology of Indian.

    I am waiting for your reply.

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