Magical Forest

We all have been dreaming of a magical kingdoms and adventures. All imagined ourselves a part of wonderful mythical stories when we were kids. Being a kid a line between reality and these stories is blurred, hardly existent. But growing up we tend to let go of it giving way to routine troubles and day-to-day rush. Yet, each of us has a power within to live our own fairy tales – a magical power of creation where the only thing limiting us – is our own imagination. Being a photographer – is having a wand to bring all these stories to life. That’s why I never hesitate when I get a chance to make these stories someone’s reality. And who other than kids is the most grateful and engaged audience. They take no trouble, no effort in transforming themselves into fairies and princesses. No one more than they do enjoys being what they can be here and now. This is how a concept of Magical Forest came to live – with main part played by wonderful kid – Piu Singh -and her creative mother who did not only encourage the magic to happen but also created a costumes for it, being a true Fairy Godmother of the shoot. I present you one of my most entertaining and magical photo concepts and hope each of you will relate to their own childhood fantasies and dreams.

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